Astra Pro Addon 3.9.3

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  • Made for Page Builders
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- New: Header Builder - Menu - Filter to add mega menu compatibility with registered nav menus. - New: Custom Layout - Custom action hook support added to trigger layout content or snippet on a specific location. - New: WooCommerce - Single Product - Recently viewed product feature. - New: WooCommerce - Checkout - Back to cart button feature. - Improvement: Custom Layout - Redesigned admin posts list & editor meta settings with better UI/UX. - Improvement: WooCommerce - Removed jQuery dependency from Quick View addon. - Improvement: Introduced action 'astra_checkout_login_field_before' to trigger custom snippet before WooCommerce checkout's login fields. - Improvement: Introduced action 'astra_checkout_login_field_after' to trigger custom snippet after WooCommerce checkout's login fields. - Improvement: Added notice to install Astra theme if plugin directly starts. (Props - - Improvement: WooCommerce - Single Product - Selected active variant style design updated via filter 'astra_addon_update_wc_variant_style'. - Improvement: Page Header - Repeated target rule error notice type changed to warning notice type with disabling the trigger. - Fix: WooCommerce - Single Product - Payment list styling is broken inside the quick view popup. - Fix: WooCommerce - My Account - Placeholder added if product image is not available on the order and download section. - Fix: WooCommerce - Composite product plugin compatibility on a single product. - Fix: WooCommerce - Updated Related and Upsell products sub-option dependency. - Fix: WooCommerce - Border removed on single product gallery sliders. - Fix: Custom layout content before not working with the WPML targeted pages. - Fix: WooCommerce - Quick view console error on all pages. - Fix: Header Builder - Menu - Megamenu container get hides when hovering in between Top Offset spacing. - Fix: W3 validation - WooCommerce - Quick view and Checkout's Apply Coupon text having accessibility issues. - Fix: Fatal error 'Uncaught TypeError in Count function' for invalid argument issue on the frontend for cache files, in some rare cases. - Fix: WooCommerce - Checkout - Password required when guest checkout is active. - Fix: Header Builder - Menu - Active colour from sticky header options not applying to menu items. - Fix: Custom Layout - Inside post/page content displays multiple times with entry content hooks used. - Fix: WooCommerce - Remove product icon misalignment issue on the cart page with the safari browser. - Fix: Builder - Account Element - Changed direction for submenu opening does not work for account menu. - Fix: WooCommerce - Single Product - The product gallery looks improper when a single product layout builds using a theme builder layout and the first image large gallery option selected from the customizer setting. - Fix: Footer Builder - Divider Element - Hide on Desktop option is not working. - Fix: WooCommerce - Off-Canvas Sidebar Filters - Close link trigger is not crawlable due to javascript:void(0) href. - Fix: Header Builder - Menu - Sub-menu background colour overrides the border-radius of the submenu in the customizer.


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Product Information

Version 3.9.3
November 10, 2022


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