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Version: 4.1.5

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Customize Without CodeMade for Page BuildersSuper Fast PerformanceLayout SettingsNo jQueryLess than 50 KB

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* Improvement - Nav menu - Optimized number of database call to fetch megamenu item details. * Fix: WooCommerce - Console error from horizontal slider & vertical slider product gallery. * Fix: LearnDash - "Enable Distraction Free Learning" option missing from the customizer General settings. * Fix: Custom Layout - PHP code snippet with function calls throws PHP error "can not redeclare the function". * Fix: Single Post: Apply Custom Sizes option missing from Customizer > Blog > Single Post section. * Fix: Single Post: Custom featured image size is not working with dynamic post banner area. * Fix: Spectra block dynamic styles missing on auto loaded previous posts. * Fix: WooCommerce - Enabling filter with flyout produce eventlistner error on console. * Fix: Sidebar title font is not working for product page. * Fix: Fixed lost password link for multilingual sites by using wp_lostpassword_url() function. * Fix: Header Search - Placeholder text appears twice in full screen search & header cover search style.

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Version 4.1.5
May 9, 2023


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