Blackhole Pro

Version: 3.4.1

Product Details

  • Customize Blackhole Warning message
  • Choose a custom blocked message for bad bots
  • Disable Blackhole for logged in users
  • Logs number of blocked hits for each bot
  • Set the number of hits before a bot is banned
  • Exclude Blackhole trigger link on specific posts/pages
  • Optionally use a transparent 1x1 pixel image for the trigger link
  • Customize the trigger link with any text-markup
  • Customize the trigger link URL
  • Optionally redirect all blocked bots
  • Optionally redirect all whitelisted bots
  • Choose a custom HTTP Status Code for blocked bots
  • Includes new email alert templates
  • Customize your own email alerts with shortcodes
  • Customize the From header for email alerts
  • Complete documentation available via the Help tab
  • Full-featured Bad Bots Log, where you can view and manage bad bots
  • Bad Bots Log includes refined search, custom sorting, and more
  • Bad Bots Log includes Geo/IP location lookups for bad bots
  • Add bots manually, directly via the Bad Bots screen
  • Delete any bot or multiple bots with a click
  • One-click restore of the Bad Bots Log

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* Replaces `` with `` for whois lookups * Removes duplicate option from `uninstall.php` * Updates plugin settings page and help tab * Updates default translation template * Improves plugin docs/readme.txt * Tests on WordPress 6.5 (beta)

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Product Information

Version 3.4.1
April 2, 2024


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