Brave Conversion Engine (PRO)

Version: 0.6.2

Product Details

Brave PopUp Pro is a Drag & Drop free WordPress Conversion widget builder that let's you create any kind of popups, sticky bars, optins, surveys and a lore more. With Brave PRO you can create multi step popups and show a custom step when visitors perform a goal. You can also create Yes/No Popups, product brochures.Create Contact FormsCreate SurveysCreate lead Gen FormsConnect Users to your NewsletterSend form Data to multiple emailsSend form Data to 2000+ apps through ZapierSend automated email repliesTrack Form Submissions with Google AnalyticsPrevent visitors from using fake/disposable emailsCollect Leads without any Email Marketing Services (EMS).Save Subscribers locally alongside saving them to your EMS.No need to depend on your EMS to access subscriber’s data.Automatically creates a Backup copy of your Subscribers.Save additional user data that your can’t save in your EMS.Export Subscribers as CSV file anytime you want.Promote Latest & Best Selling Products.Promote Up-sell products. Promote Cross-sell products. Increase sales with Countdown timers.Reduce Cart Abandonment.Display Popups based on user’s cart.Display Popups based on user’s purchase.Get Started with 30+ preset templates.Boost Newsletter Subscriptions with Social Optin feature.Ditch your Social Share plugins with Lightweight ones.Grow Social Followers & Page Likes on Auto pilot.Let visitors Signup or Login with their Social Accounts.Let your users Login or Signup with their Social AccountsCreate Interactive Content & Restrict them to increase signupDisplay Site wide Personalized Messages on special occasionsMake any kind of content available only to specific User rolesGenerate Personalized Greeting cards or messages for your Users

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


= 0.6.2 - 12 Oct 2023. = * Added: New Settings Page. Go to Brave > Settings to access global settings. * Fixed: Conflict with Flatsome theme finally fixed! * Fixed: Zapier's Sample Data send function was broken. * Fixed: Form Submission Redirect URL sometimes failed. * Fixed: Ability to move shortcode's inline scripts to footer with inline_assets attribute.

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Product Information

Version 0.6.2
October 24, 2023


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