Version: 1.4.1

Product Details

  • Dynamic Data & Query Loops
  • Flexibility > limited settings
  • Frontend & Backend Speed
  • Add Interactive Effects

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* [General] - Added support for elements to be used inside Bricks' new AJAX search results, AJAX filters and AJAX popup content. * [Element Interactions] - New "triggers" added in Bricks interactions options for many elements. * [Pro Accordion] - New option for toggling accordion behavior across breakpoints. * [Countdown] - Now includes fixed end times/date via dynamic data (renamed to Pro Countdown). * [Pro Tabs] - Can now open tabs/accordion with URL parameters. * [General Conditions] - Added "post ancestor" & "post type" conditions. * [Dynamic Table] - New option for adding custom attributes to cells (for custom styling per column). * [WS Form] - New styling options for international phone inputs and country dropdown. * [Site Breadcrumbs] - Added PHP filter for customizing/adding to breadcrumb trail output. * [General] - Added better support for JetSmartFilters facets. * [General] - Better support for WPML auto-translate across elements. * [Interactive Options] - New option to change glare color. * [Pro Slider Gallery] - Added option to change animation type for Bricks' Lightbox. * [Pro Slider Gallery] - Fixed issue where offset/randomize could cause error if no images found in gallery. * [Pro Slider Gallery] - Fixed issue where Bricks' lightbox would group all images if slider was repeated inside query loop. * [Social Share] - Fixed "links not crawlable" warning if using Mastodon link. * [Developer] - Instances for dynamic table / dynamic chart now exposed, now can be used inside filtered content. * [Developer] - Lost of helper functions added to allow control elements dynamically via interactions (see interactions tab in docs).

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Version 1.4.1
February 15, 2024


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