Document Library Pro 1.6

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* New: Download counts - track the number of downloads for each document with the option to display it on the table and grid layouts. * New: Document author taxonomy which can be displayed on the table and single document. * New: Set the number of columns to display in the grid layout. * New: Options to sort folders. * New: Change the permalink for the single document URL. * New: Taxonomy dropdown filters added to the document list page in wp-admin. * New: FacetWP integration. * New: Added Dutch translations. * Tweak: Improved responsive handling of images on the grid layout. * Tweak: Consistent title naming when creating documents via Bulk and Media Library import tools. * Tweak: Better handling of special characters in external URLs when using the CSV importer. * Tweak: Support any type of Dropbox URL in the CSV importer. * Tweak: Document category permalinks are now hierarchical. * Fix: Filter dropdowns on the table had usability issues when the WP admin bar was present.


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Version 1.6
April 14, 2022


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