Duplicator Pro 4.5.6

Product Details

  • Large Database Support
  • Backup Limits
  • Filter Data
  • Auto Database Creation
  • Easy Plugin Updates
  • Email Notifications
  • Large Site Support
  • Database File

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


PLUGIN [NEW]: Enhanced the imported package information under package details [UPD]: Fixed invalid state error when wrong auth code is entered for OneDrive [UPD]: Update Tippy to latest version and refactor tooltip related event handlers that were reported as deprecated by jQuery Migrator. [UPD]: Removing old constant DUP_SECURE_KEY from wp-config if new one is prepared/exists. [UPD]: Added a quick fix to remove installer files when scheduled build fails [UPD]: Updated api client for Google Drive, since Google will no longer support the "out of band" flow. [UPD]: Removed the usage of shell_exec and instead using exec. [FIX]: Added checks to prevent creating local storages inside core WordPress directories. [FIX]: Added checks to prevent creating more than one local storage in the same folder. [FIX]: Exception class name is displayed in the “test s3connection” dialog for S3 remote storage configuration. [FIX]: Skip disk checks if PHP disk functions are not available [FIX]: Compatibility with Google Cloud in S3 mode fixed [FIX]: Fixed OneDrive notices that were appearing after authorization of personal OneDrive storage. [FIX]: Clearing the output buffers before ending the buffering output [FIX]: fixed timezone and server time strings in the “Tools” screen [FIX]: Now possible to create multiple Google Drive storages for the same account INSTALLER [NEW]: Now importing a site to a multisite also handles installations with multiple domains [UPD]: Removed the usage of shell_exec and instead using exec. [FIX]: Fixed bug related to upload url not being correctly replaced in some cases when doing a subsite standalone install with SSL enabled [FIX]: Clearing the output buffers before ending the buffering output


Product Information

Version 4.5.6
August 31, 2022


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