Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Version: 4.2.0

Product Details

  • Additional Site Revenue
  • Additional Control over Subscription Cancellation
  • Improve Subscription Renewal Success
  • Separate Shipping Cycle for Subscriptions
  • Update Subscription Price for Existing (Old) Subscriptions
  • Subscribing to Entire Cart as a Single Subscription
  • Allow Cancelling After Specific Number of Days of Subscription Start Date
  • Allow Cancellation After Specific Days of Renewal
  • Prevent Cancelling Before Specific Days of Renewal
  • Auto Renewal Reminder
  • Manual Renewal Reminder Email
  • Trial Expiry Reminder Email
  • Subscription Expiry Reminder
  • Multiple Templates for Reminder Emails
  • Preview Subscription Emails
  • Limit Subscription Trial
  • Limit Subscription in Variant Level
  • Allow Subscription Switching After a Delay
  • Prevent Switching Before Specific Days of Renewal
  • Disable Reminder Emails on Product Level

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* Tweak - Crons will be automatically set for old subscriptions * Tweak - Usability improvements * Tweak - Tested with WooCommerce 8.3.1 * Tweak - Tested with WordPress 6.4.1 * Tweak - Tested with WooCommerce Subscriptions 5.7.0

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Product Information

Version 4.2.0
November 29, 2023


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