Version: 4.5.2

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EventON Event Calendar for Wordpress is a beautifully crafted event calendar that presents events in a minimal clutter-free design. We take pride in designing EventON to stand up to latest design trends in the industry.EventON comes packed with 200+ useful features such as highly customizable repeating events, multiple event images, unlimited event creation, various calendar layout designs, event locations and organizers, and advance features like multi data types and language corresponding events and etc.Supports single and multiple day eventsCreate single day eventsCreate events without end day or timeCreate all day eventsDuplicate events in wp-adminExclude certain events from calendarSpan events until end time while hiding end timeSet event location imageSet location by latitude longitudeSave locations and re-use them for eventsSet event organizer contact informationSave event organizer for re-using in eventsLearn more about the event link supportVarious options for how a user can interact with eventUse universal time and date format through your websiteSchema SEO content support for calendar eventsAbility to auto archive past eventsEasily add custom CSS styles via eventON SettingsCustomize calendar month/year format

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= 4.5.2 (2023-10-12) = ADDED: setting to disable event link inside description content for ICS file ADDED: save changes button to settings header ADDED: global side panel settings for eventON admin side ADDED: schedule view to support event tags FIXED: google map not showing when tickets are enabled FIXED: organizer secondary description html not outputting correct FIXED: organizer archive page to sync with event_type color override setting FIXED: organizer lightbox events to also sync with event_type color override FIXED: language translate to strip out ! marks eventon-core-functions.php 1433 FIXED: ics download for private events when logged in FIXED: live now event calculation errors FIXED: virtual events after event content sanitizing to sync with settings FIXED: shortcode generator to show correct ux_val options UPDATED: admin loading animation UPDATED: settings layout styles UPDATED: yes no button to LTR UPDATED: Download all events as CSV to use calendar get_all_event_data()

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Version 4.5.2
October 24, 2023


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