Fake Notifications for WordPress

Version: 4.2.1

Product Details

  • create a template and configure settings of notifications display with a kind of activity to which you want to motivate the visitor – registration, purchase or order of services, distribution of publications on social networks;
  • set the variables of time, what gives the demonstrations realistic effect;
  • create an unlimited number of different types of notifications to provide comprehensive impact on visitor;
  • select the most effective text messaging for your target audience;
  • set the notifications style and its animations so that they harmoniously woven into the sites design, depending on the used WordPress theme;
  • set the notifications display to registered users or all users;
  • for the sites with localization, set the display depending on the selected language.

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* Fixed: creating the databased * Fixed: dynamic property for PHP 8.2 * Fixed: When a user closes any of the notifications, all notifications will cease. * Fixed: When choose to display a close button and include a URL to direct it to a specific location, clicking the close button will consistently navigate to the provided URL. * Fixed: Leaving the option "stop the notification after this number of times on the same page" empty will result in the notification continuously displaying. * Fixed: Display depending languages

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Product Information

Version 4.2.1
February 11, 2024


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