FiboSearch Pro

Version: 1.27.0

Product Details

  • More Sales on Mobile Devices
  • Lower Bounce Rate on Mobile
  • Wider Reach and Accessibility
  • Increased "Add to Cart" Actions
  • Faster Buying Decisions
  • Faster Catalog Browsing
  • Search by Product Name
  • Search by Description
  • Search by Short Description
  • Search by SKU
  • Search by Variation Product SKU
  • Search by Custom Fields (include ACF)
  • Search by Attributes
  • Search by Categories
  • Search by Tags
  • Search by Brands
  • Exclude Product Filters

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* ADDED: Integration with the “Betheme theme” * ADDED: Highlight words in search results with Greek letters regardless of accent * ADDED: Support for “Full-width Search” in the “XStore theme” * FIXED: Multiple search containers on mobile in the “Astra theme” integration * FIXED: No focus on search input for mobile devices in the “Astra theme” integration * FIXED: Allow an HTML `<i>` tag in suggestion titles and headlines * FIXED: Multilingual support is active even for one language * FIXED: Overriding the search icon and form in the header was not working properly in the “WoodMart integration” * FIXED: Missing filters from “Advanced AJAX Product Filters” plugin in the “Divi theme” * FIXED: Replace `&#37` for more stable format `%%` in a `sprintf` function * FIXED: An unwanted modal after closing the search overlay on mobile in the “Flatsome theme” * FIXED: Missing colors after updating the “Bloksy theme” to 2.x * FIXED: Incorrect calculation of a product's position in search results when it contains Greek letters * FIXED: Incorrect term language detection in the WPML plugin. Replacing `term_id` with `term_taxonomy_id` * FIXED: Unwanted ampersand entity in the product description of search results * FIXED: No search results in Turkish when the phrase starts with a capital dotted `i` * FIXED: No results when the search phrase contains Latin and Greek letters * FIXED: Typo in an HTML class name related to variations * FIXED: The search index could not be built due to a missing table in some rare cases * FIXED: Missing vendor image in search results in the “MultivendorX plugin” * FIXED: Disappearing filters in the “JetSmartFilters plugin” * FIXED: PHP warning when using the Elementor widget “FiboSearch Posts Search Results” * FIXED: Visible products and categories against the rules in the category view in the Details Panel in the “B2BKing plugin” * FIXED: A fatal error when we return no results for a custom post using a filter * FIXED: Don't save `html_price` in the readable index when dynamic prices are enabled * TWEAK: Do not run the search engine on the search page when the phrase is empty * REFACTOR: Improved index structure creation (better error detection) * REFACTOR: Integrations related to hiding products - storing product IDs using Transient API instead of PHP sessions * UPDATED: Requires PHP: 7.4 * UPDATED: The `.pot` file * UPDATED: Polish translation * UPDATED: Freemius SDK v2.6.2

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Product Information

Version 1.27.0
January 30, 2024


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