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Version: 1.23.0

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More Sales on Mobile DevicesLower Bounce Rate on MobileWider Reach and AccessibilityIncreased "Add to Cart" ActionsFaster Buying DecisionsFaster Catalog BrowsingSearch by Product NameSearch by DescriptionSearch by Short DescriptionSearch by SKUSearch by Variation Product SKUSearch by Custom Fields (include ACF)Search by AttributesSearch by CategoriesSearch by TagsSearch by BrandsExclude Product Filters

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* ADDED: Integration with “Blocksy” theme * ADDED: Integration with “Qwery” theme * ADDED: Integration with “StoreBiz” theme * ADDED: Allows the `Shop manager` role to manage the plugin settings by adding a constant to the `wp.config.php` file * ADDED: Allows creating HTML templates instead of displaying simple “No results” message * ADDED: Ability to search using “Greeklish” for Greek * ADDED: Fuzzy search, synonyms, and other pro features available in searching for taxonomy terms. * IMPROVED: Blocks calculating score if the phrase contains a single character * FIXED: More accurate calculation of the order of products in search results. The extra score for an exact match of a sequence of words * FIXED: Storefront theme - not working focus event while using a mobile overlay for iPhone devices * FIXED: Mobile overlay on iPhone devices - didn't hide search results on a scroll event or after clicking the “done” button * FIXED: iPhone devices - annoying auto zoom in search input on focus * FIXED: Search icon mode and search history - a search bar was needlessly concealed on clicking the “Clear” button * FIXED: Freemius SDK - added submenu slug * FIXED: Flatsome theme - detecting incompatible settings and disappearing search form on hover * FIXED: Layout option - hidden triangle icon when a layout is “icon” and style is “Pirx” * FIXED: Unnecessary AJAX query on the settings page * FIXED: Disabling the search cache using a PHP constant didn't completely disable it. Now it disables it completely * FIXED: `Table doesn't exist` error during index building in some rare cases * FIXED: Incorrect product links in search results with the “Permalink Manager for WooCommerce” plugin active * FIXED: TranslatePress and qTranslate-XT - untranslated breadcrumbs in category results * TWEAK: Replacing empty href tag with `#` in Storefront integration because of SEO * TWEAK: Trivial CSS changes * TWEAK: Ability to disable the mutex mechanism during indexing * TWEAK: Multilingual - supporting language codes up to 10 characters * UPDATED: Freemius SDK to v2.5.6 * UPDATED: Polish translation * REFACTOR: Forcing mobile overlay breakpoint and in layout breakpoint in theme integrations * REFACTOR: Variables names in the method `Helpers::calcScore()`

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Version 1.23.0
April 5, 2023


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