Front End PM PRO 11.2.2

Version: 11.2.2

Product Details

  • * Works through a Page rather than the dashboard.
  • * Users can privately message one another
  • * Threaded messages/Individual message
  • * Ability to embed things into messages like YouTube, Photobucket, Flickr, Wordpress TV, more.
  • * Notification sound.
  • * Desktop notification.
  • * Admins can send a public announcement for all users to see or to particular role(s).
  • * Admins can set the max amount of messages a user can keep in his/her box per role basis.
  • * Admins can set how many messages to show per page in the message box.
  • * Admins can set how many user to show per page in front end directory.
  • * Admins can set will email be sent to all users when a new announcement is published or not.
  • * Admins can set "to" field of announcement email.
  • * Admins can set Directory will be shown to all or not.
  • * Admins can block any user to send private message.
  • * Admins can set time delay between two messages send by a user.
  • * Admins can see all other's private message.
  • * Admins can block all users to send new message but they can send reply of their messages.
  • * Admins can hide autosuggestion for users.
  • * There are three types of sidebar widget.
  • * Users can select whether or not they want to receive messages
  • * Users can select whether or not they want to be notified by email when they receive a new message.
  • * Users can select whether or not they want to be notified by email when a new announcement is published.
  • * Users can block other users.

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Product Information

Version 11.2.2
June 2, 2021


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