GenerateBlocks Pro 1.2.0

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* Important: This update adds compatibility with GB 1.5.0 * New: Apply paste styles feature to multiple selected blocks at once * New: Global Style labels * New: Add clear local styles button to global styles * New: Add clear styles to Styles toolbar item * Fix: PHP notices when not using old opacity slider in box/text shadows * Tweak: Change Template Library name to Pattern Library * Tweak: Add Effects to GB Image Block (GB 1.5.0) * Tweak: Add Global Styles to GB Image Block * Tweak: Add Custom Attributes to GB Image Block * Tweak: Add Custom Attributes to Grid block * Tweak: Add Custom Attributes to Button Container block * Tweak: Reduce container link z-index * Tweak: Close effects panel and toggle off when all deleted * Tweak: Add support for new color component * Tweak: Remove old colorOpacity from Effects * Tweak: Add Container link support for dynamic links (GB 1.5.0)


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Version 1.2.0
July 17, 2022


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