Gravity Forms Stripe

Version: 5.6.0

Product Details

  • Powered by Stripe. Automatically capture credit card payments with Stripe when a form is submitted.
  • Setup and sell simple products or services in just minutes with one time credit card payments.
  • Setup and configure Stripe recurring payment subscriptions.
  • Configure your form to both create a post and accept a payment. The post is only created if the payment is approved.
  • Configure your form so that users created with the User Registration Add-On are only created after payment is approved.

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


### 5.6.0 | 2024-04-29 - Added a new [`gform_stripe_payment_element_updated_payment_information`]( JavaScript filter to allow modifying the payment element payment information when the form total changes. - Updated logging to decrease the log file size and make it easier to track issues. - Fixed a fatal error that occurs when the customer is redirected back after a no-cost checkout order payment. - Fixed PHP 8.1+ deprecation notices displaying on the settings page. - Fixed a fatal error that occurs when the webhooks signing secret is invalid. - Fixed an issue where the loading spinner is not hidden after the form fails validation. - Fixed a fatal error that can occur when the Stripe field is hidden by conditional logic. - Fixed an issue where the Link option for the Stripe Payment Element can not be disabled once an email field is selected.

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Product Information

Version 5.6.0
April 30, 2024


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