Gravity View – Advanced Filtering

Version: 3.0.2

Product Details

Enhancing Data Display and Customization in Gravity Forms

GravityView Advanced Filtering Extension is a powerful tool designed to expand the data display capabilities of Gravity Forms on WordPress websites.

What Does It Do?

The GravityView Advanced Filtering Extension adds robust filtering options to the GravityView plugin, allowing users to fine-tune the data displayed from Gravity Forms entries. This extension enables site owners to set up custom filters based on specific criteria, ensuring only relevant form entries are shown in the GravityView layouts. For instance, users can filter entries by field values, submission dates, or user roles, creating a more targeted and efficient data presentation. This functionality is handy for websites that handle large volumes of form data, such as membership sites, event registrations, or customer feedback portals. By applying advanced filters, site administrators can easily extract and display the most pertinent information, improving the backend management and front-end user experience. The GravityView Advanced Filtering Extension is an essential addition for anyone looking to leverage the full potential of Gravity Forms data in a customizable and user-friendly manner.

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


ߐ Fixed * "Form field ID #X is no longer available" error when adding conditional logic, despite the field existing. * "Created by Currently Logged-in User (Disabled for Administrators)" filter not functioning correctly with field conditional logic. * Incorrect results when filtering checkbox fields using the "is not" condition.

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Product Information

Version 3.0.2
January 18, 2024


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