Version: 1.8.0

Product Details

  • Uncover valuable insights
  • Engage with your audience
  • Stand out with a professional look
  • Deeply integrate with your GravityView directory
  • Display Your Form Data in Different Ways
  • Data dashboards made easy
  • Customize chart output
  • Create beautiful visualizations without any code

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


#### ߚ Added * Ability to nest conditional logic filters and to filter entries based on the current user's role(s). #### ߔ Updated * [Foundation]( to version 1.2.12. - Fixed a bug that hid third-party plugin updates on the Plugins and Updates pages. - Resolved a dependency management issue that incorrectly prompted for a Gravity Forms update before activating, installing, or updating GravityKit products. - Transients are now set and retrieved correctly when using object cache plugins. - Fixed a JavaScript warning that occurred when deactivating license keys and when viewing products without the necessary permissions. - Resolved PHP warning messages on the Plugins page. - Transients are no longer autoloaded. - GravityKit products that are already installed can now be activated without a valid license. - Fixed PHP warning messages that appeared when deactivating the last active product with Foundation installed.

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Product Information

Version 1.8.0
May 13, 2024


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