Version: 2.4.0

Product Details

GravityMath: Elevating Form Functionality with Mathematical Capabilities in WordPress

GravityMath is a dynamic add-on for the Gravity Forms plugin, designed to introduce advanced mathematical functions into WordPress forms.

What Does It Do?

GravityMath significantly enhances the capabilities of Gravity Forms by enabling the execution of complex mathematical calculations within form fields. This add-on is handy for creating forms requiring calculation functionalities, such as order forms with pricing calculations, quotation forms, or any form needing automatic user input computation. It allows form creators to set up mathematical formulas that dynamically calculate totals, averages, percentages, and more. GravityMath’s integration with Gravity Forms ensures seamless user experience and accuracy in calculations, making forms more interactive and more functional for specific needs. This feature is especially beneficial for e-commerce sites, educational platforms, and any business requiring custom calculation tools in their forms, enhancing user engagement and operational efficiency.

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


#### ߚ Added * Ability to calculate individual selected or unselected choices of a multi-select field. * New option to position the footer calculation row either above or below the table's footer row. #### ߐ Fixed * Survey field (Likert type) score not being calculated correctly. * Duration (text field with "hh:mm:ss" or "mm:ss" input mask) calculations not working correctly when scope is set to "form". * Counting unselected or unchecked radio/checkbox/select field inputs would return "0" when scope is set to "form". * Shipping field calculation producing incorrect results when scope is set to "form". #### ߔ Updated [Foundation]( to version 1.2.6 - Improved performance. - Enhanced the loading and caching of plugin translations. - All translations are now loaded from the `wp-content/languages/plugins/` directory. - Added support for installing plugin translations via WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface). - Fixed an issue where deactivating a product on one site in a multisite environment caused this product's translations to be deleted across all sites. - Fixed PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings. - Fixed a PHP warning encountered when updating plugins from the WordPress Plugins page.

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Version 2.4.0
January 18, 2024


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