Version: 3.0.0

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Create expanded booking formsBuild custom single pages with the related property showcasedCustomize booking notifications after the form is sentOrganize and output catalogs in a preferable grid layoutsMake all the property catalogs filterableDisplay property locations on the mapAdd pagination to simplify browsing propertyShow property types quantity relevant for any filterAdd section with the most liked and recently viewed propertyIncorporate a real-time availability calendar into the booking form

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## 3.0.0 * ADD: Direct WooCommerce integration; * ADD: Total price display in the admin booking add/edit popups; * UPD: Filters store functionality; * UPD: Refactor plugin cron events; * UPD: Admin booking popups functionality; * UPD: Booking & Calendar pages templates and styles; * UPD: Booking pages script and styles enqueue; * UPD: Booking setup page; * FIX: Selected day clear for datepicker field; * FIX: Dynamic tags error on none booking instance post types; * FIX: `One day booking` option with Booking Availability Calendar widget; * FIX: Some settings value backslash duplication; * FIX: Custom labels functionality; * FIX: Weekend pricing meta box popup horizontal scroll; * FIX: Correct unit ID after booking admin update; * FIX: `batchMode` date picker issues; * FIX: `Days Off` option removal in booking instance post types meta boxes.

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Version 3.0.0
September 23, 2023


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