JetSmartFilters 2.3.14

Product Details

  • Radio Filter
  • Date Range Filter
  • Search Filter
  • Active Filters
  • Ajax-based
  • Use Several Filters at Once
  • Works with JetWooBuilder and JetEngine

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* ADD: Query ID setting for blocks * ADD: 'jet-smart-filters/query/request' to filter request before parsing query arguments * FIX: Compatibility with Elementor 3.7 * FIX: Blocks editor and Listing Grid 'is_archive_template' option compatibility * FIX: Merge default with current query args on ajax indexing * FIX: Correctly pull dynamic min/max from meta values for range filter on terms archive pages * FIX: Select filter. Don't add select_disabled_color control if the indexer is disabled * FIX: JetEngine Calendar compatibility * UPD: For indexer SQL query removed space between parenthesis and value. This causes an error for some clients * UPD: Unchecked group items for intersection relational operator


Product Information

Version 2.3.14
September 14, 2022


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