Version: 4.3.18

Product Details

LaunchFlows is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that lets you build dynamic sales funnels, offer upsells, and include instant payment options for WooCommerce.Instant Registration – Makes it fast and easy to obtain the Name and Email from every new visitor.Bumps & Variations – Offer any combination of products before or at the point of checkout.Upsells & Downsells – Offer any combination of products after checkout, to increase revenue per customer.Donations & Pay Now – Makes it easy for donors or clients to pay you an exact amount with just one click.Thank You & Next Step – Provides your buyers with a customized experience after their checkout is over.

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


*Fix - update single product template override to adjust to WC 7.7.0 product template *Feature - added option to toggle product removal link lf-review component *Feature - added option to toggle or size product image in lf-review component *Feature - added option to toggle product name in lf-review component *Feature - added option to toggle product quantity in lf-review component *Feature - added launchflows global toggle for product removal link, image and quantity

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Version 4.3.18
October 19, 2023


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