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MemberPress Pro 1.9.50

Product Details

  • Powerful Access Rules
  • Ultra Stable & Secure
  • Pretty Pricing Pages
  • Works With Any Theme
  • Affiliate Program Included
  • Clear And Relevant Reporting
  • Simple Payment Gateway Integration
  • Full Blown Subscription Management

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


Changed Don't Allow Cancel on unconfirmed/broken Subscriptions (Stripe) Coupon start date cannot be set to current date, must be a future date Fixed Stripe payment element not updating when VAT number changed/entered at checkout Expired password reset link gives unauthorized message instead of helpful message Leap year fixes when renewing annual subscriptions PayPal IPN fixes Subscription total saving incorrectly for certain locales Discount Type shows as “None” instead of “Standard” on Coupons Page Check for existing fallback transaction before creating Fix renewal base date for Stripe after pause/resume Incorrect active/inactive events when buying gift product Rule for all courses protects courses that are excluded with ID Site lock-out when no rules exist in some rare cases Multiple stripe accounts fixes File uploads and multi-select fields with PayPal Smart Buttons


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Product Information

Version 1.9.50
November 20, 2022


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