MP3 Audio Player Plugin for WordPress By Sonaar 3.6

Version: 3.6

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- New! Shortcode [sonaar_license] to display license terms anywhere on your site. View documentation here - New! Create your own custom options if you sell music licenses [Pro Feature] - New! Input your play/pause text label for the boxed and button layout. play_text and pause_text attributes have been added to the shortcode attribute. - New! Icon picker to the podcast show external links & license terms - Improved the [sonaar_ts] shortcode to add play/pause button icons beside your links and chapters. - Improved AJAX requests UX by adding a spinner animation - Changed the translation slugname for sonaar-music-pro instead of sonaar-music - Updated the .pot file for translation - Fix issue with lyrics conflict with many players but when no sticky player is active - Fix lyrics scrolling when using dynamic waveform - Fix conflict with third party plugins that use perfect scrollbar library - Fix issue with the player that does not start the fist time when soundwave is hidden AND dynamic waveform is set

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Version 3.6
August 18, 2022


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