Paid Memberships Pro – Import Users from CSV

Version: 1.0

Product Details

  • Automatically assign memberships and update subscriptions with the Import Users from CSV plugin.

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* ENHANCEMENT: Refactored entire plugin to be a standalone plugin. This plugin no longer requires the Import Users From CSV plugin to work. * ENHANCEMENT: Supports importing multiple memberships per user. * ENHANCEMENT: Importing membership_id 0 will cancel any existing memberships for the user. * ENHANCEMENT: The password reset email will only send out if the option is selected during import and the user is new. This will never send when updating users or members. * ENHANCEMENT: Added batch importing for large CSV files. This defaults to 50 imports per iteration, adjust the amount by using the filter `pmprocsv_ajax_import_batch`. * ENHANCEMENT: General improvements and warnings when importing data that is required but missing from the CSV or importing a level that doesn't exist. * ENHANCEMENT: Updated the CSV sample file to have newer values. * REFACTOR: Improved logic around creating orders during import. See documentation for full details. * BUG FIX: Fixed an issue where empty meta keys were being imported as "". This now skips and does not update the meta key if the value is blank.

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Product Information

Version 1.0
January 20, 2024


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