Really Simple SSL pro 5.4.0

Product Details

  • Extensive scan which enables you to detect the source of mixed content that couldn’t be fixed automatically, with fix button
  • Premium email support
  • HttpOnly and secure flags to make the cookies more secure
  • Improve security by enabling HTTP Strict Transport Security for your site
  • Submit your site to the HSTS preload list
  • Warning by email and in your SSL dashboard when your certificate is about to expire
  • Mixed content fixer for the back-end

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* Improvement: New default Referrer Policy => strict-origin-when-cross-origin * Improvement: New default for X-XSS header * Improvement: Dropped Expect-CT header as it's now deprecated, integrated by default in certificates * Improvement: Updated Permissions Policy with improved defaults, updated to new values as currently supported in browsers * Improvement: dropped access-control-allow-origin header, as it can only be used dynamically, which is not feasible in most WP environments


Product Information

Version 5.4.0
May 4, 2022


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