Salon Booking Pro 8.3.2

Product Details

    • Back-end calendar
    • Montly view
    • Weekly view
    • Daily view
    • Bookings export
    • Adding reservation from daily view
    • Block out time slots from daily view
    Salon general settings
    • Email notifications on new reservation
    • Email notification to selected assistant
    • Email reminder for the customers
    • Email followup
    • Email review notification
    • Email notification custom logo
    • Custom email message to the customers
    • SMS notification on new reservation
    • SMS notification to selected assistant
    • SMS reminder for the customers
    • SMS followup
    • SMS verification code against spam
    • SMS Aplhanumeric ID supported
    • Twilio, Plivo and 1p1sms providers supported
    • Whatsapp notifications supported
    • set you favourite date and time format
    • set when your week starts
    • WordPress Editors as Salon Administrator
    Salon booking rules
    • Three bookings methods BASIC / ADVANCED / HIGH END
    • Booking time range ( from a minimum of .. to a maximum of in advance )
    • Multiple weekly timetable rules
    • Time range validty option for the weekly booking rules
    • Multiple holidays rules
    • Offset between reservations
    • Change booking form steps order ( Date&time – Services – Assistants – Checkout – Payment or reverse )
    • Manual booking confirmation
    • Users booking cancellation
    • Pause online booking form
    Salon payments options
    • Enable on-line payments
    • Pay later option
    • Percentage or fixed amount deposit
    • Automatic cancellation option for unpaid reservations
    • Hide prices
    • Decimals and thousand separators option
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • Custom payment methods supported
    • Official add-on for “Mollie”, “Square”, “Worldpay”, “Paystack”, “RedSys” and “Paytrail”
    Salon checkout options
    • Enable guest checkout
    • Force guest checkout
    • Limit the number of services bookable at the same time
    • Control form fields
    • Log-in with Facebook account
    • Enable Advanced Discount System
    • Adding custom fields
    Two ways Google Calendar synchronisation
    • Synchronise reservations on salon administrator’s Google Calendar account
    • Salon admin can add and cancel reservations from his Google Calendar account
    Front-end booking form styling
    • Choose among three different booking form sizes according to your page layout
    • Custom colors palette generator
    Assistants settings
    • Multiple weekly timetable rules
    • Multiple holidays rules
    • Limit reservations to specific services
    • Multiple reservations for the same slot for classrooms booking
    • Google Calendar synchronisation
    • SMS notification when he’s booked
    • Email notification when he’s booked
    Services settings
    • Price
    • Duration
    • Unit per hour
    • Category grouping
    • Multiple weekly timetable rules
    • No assistant required option
    • Service break ( now you can select up to 3 hours divided in multiples of your average session duration )
    • Conditional “Secondary services”
    • Direct booking link
    • Exclusive service
    Advanced Discount System
    • Create unlimited coupon codes
    • Create unlimited discounts based on multiple criteria
    Customers archive
    • List of customers
    • Details page of each customer with list of his reservations and feedbacks
    • Customer’s bookings statistics
    • Stats on reservations and revenues
    • Stats on reservations and revenues by services
    • Stats on reservations and revenues by assistant
    • Stats on reservations and revenues by customers
    • Email weekly report
    • Importing system from other platform (Users, Services and Assistants)
    Frontend pages
    • Booking form page [salon/]
    • Private customers reservations management page [salon_booking_my_account]
    • Assistants bookings calendar [salon_booking_calendar]
    • Assistants list [salon_booking_assistant]
    • Services list [salon_booking_services]
    Restful API
    • A complete set of API to use Salon Booking System inside your third party applications

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* Fixed issue with Web App ( service list only 10 items ) * Fixed issue with Web App ( booking for brand new users not working ) * Added option to save a brand new customer on Web App * Fixed issue with payment on PayPal * Fixed issue on front-end booking form layout


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Product Information

Version 8.3.2
November 29, 2022


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