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Version: 8.6.1

Product Details

Sell [Shopify]( products on any WordPress site with ShopWP. Do you want buy buttons? No problem. You can display product variants as buttons or dropdowns. Enable one-time purchases or subscription products. Send your customers directly to the Shopify checkout, or add products to the built-in ShopWP cart. We have all the shortcodes and blocks you need to build a uniquely branded eCommerce experience on WordPress.

Whether you need WordPress to power a whole storefront or just a landing page, ShopWP will provide beautiful layouts and give your customers the confidence they need to buy from you.

ShopWP will import your products as custom post types, creating product detail pages quickly and easy.

We believe your store should authentically represent your brand. It shouldn't cost tens of thousands of dollars to build a shopping experience. We want to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to create eCommerce shops that rival the big players.

= Features =

- Simple to use buy buttons- Sync product / collection detail pages- No iFrames- 10 shortcodes for displaying products- Built-in [cart experience]( SEO optimized- Filtering and sorting functionality (Pro only)- [Show variants as buttons]( instead of dropdowns (Pro only)- Show products in [carousels]( or modals (Pro only)- [Subscription products]( via Recharge extension (Pro only)- [Direct checkout]( (Pro only)

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


### 8.6.1 - **New:** Added new plugin setting for changing checkout button text color - **New:** Added support for WordPress `6.5.2` - **New:** The UI for cart line item pricing has been redesigned - **New:** Added new shortcode setting: `show_variant_button_labels` - **Fixed:** Bug causing image zoom feature to lock scroll on mobile - **Fixed:** Bug causing feature image to disappear when using placeholder - **Fixed:** PHP warning `Undefined array key et_fb` - **Fixed:** Now suppressing PHP warnings when running file_get_contents on `shopwp.log` - **Improved:** You can now adjust the product title's letter spacing - **Improved:** Improved error handling for the Storefront component - **Improved:** The cart note will now remain selected after a user enters a note - **Improved:** Increased height of the notes field - **Improved:** Mobile Cart UI has been improved - **Improved:** Improved client side error handling using `maybeHandleApiError`

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Version 8.6.1
April 24, 2024


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