Stackable Premium 3.4.3

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* New: Added duration option for the Count Up block #2355 * New: Added button alignment & full-width options for the Button Group block * Change: Remove doubled Stackable icons in the block inserter #2383 * Change: Video popup now uses YouTube's no-cookie domain #2392 * Fixed: Buttons stacking on mobile adds a margin to some buttons #2249 * Fixed: Full width buttons force other non-full width buttons to wrap text * Fixed: Multiple full width buttons in a group incorrectly wrap in mobile * Fixed: Buttons with borders sometimes show a thin white border * Fixed: Typing in a global color name is slow #2339 * Fixed: Resetting max width doesn't reset content horizontal align #2338 * Fixed: Icon panel doesn't close * Fixed: Icon list block contents are also copied when copying styles #2320 * Fixed: Columns & Button group blocks show "add block" panel when used in reusable blocks & in widget editor #2371 * Fixed: Dynamic content button is not aligned in link inspector control #2332 * Fixed: Remove highlight toolbar button for button blocks #2314 * Fixed: Icon is not visible in some notification block layouts #2323 * Fixed: Position "sticky" doesn't work as intended inside columns #2212 * Fixed: Global typography does not show in tablet & mobile and in FSE #2340 & #2289 * Fixed: Fatal error with Freemius in edge case when blog no longer exists in multisite * Fixed: ACF & Metabox dynamic content images show blurry #2064 * Fixed: ACF & Metabox added image size selector for dynamic content image fields #2064 * Fixed: Added single image field type support for Metabox * Fixed: Related map block scripts now do not appear in the frontend when no map block is used #2386


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Version 3.4.3
August 26, 2022


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