SUMO Affiliates Pro

Version: 9.7.0

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Comprehensive WordPress Affiliate PluginAdvanced integration with WooCommerceAffiliate commission for form submission through – Contact Form7 – Formidable Forms – WP FormsAffiliate commission for email subscription through – MailChimp – ActiveCampaignAffiliate commission for accessing individual pages/posts which has landing commission shortcodesAffiliate registration form for usersUsers can attach documents while submitting the affiliate registration formOption for the user to directly become an affiliate while creating an account through WooCommerceUsers with an existing account on the site can also become as an affiliateWhen a logged in user tries to become an affiliate, site admin has the option to – Manage the affiliate account within the existing account – Create a separate account for affiliate promotion – Let the user decideOption for the site admin to notify and get notified about the affiliate activities via SMS and EmailSeparate table for the site admin to manage the affiliatesOption for the site admin to automatically approve all the affiliate applications/approve after reviewSeparate dashboard for the affiliate to manage the affiliate promotionOption for the site admin to create unlimited additional tabs in the affiliate dashboardAffiliates can generate unlimited affiliate linksQR code can be generated for affiliate links and can be downloaded as an imageAffiliate link validity can be restricted to the product for which the link was generatedRefer a friend form for affiliatesOption for the site admin to create unique landing pages for affiliatesThe validity of affiliate links can be customized by the site adminOption for the site admin to identify the affiliate based on – Affiliate ID – Affiliate NameOption for the site admin to allow their affiliates to customize their affiliate slugOption for the site admin to allow affiliates to generate readable affiliate links(Pretty affiliate links)Your Affiliates can promote the products on your site without using an affiliate linkMLM system for AffiliatesThe number of direct referrals, number of levels to award MLM commission and commission rate for each level can be customizedAccount Signup Affiliate CommissionAffiliate Signup CommissionWooCommerce Product Purchase CommissionOption for the site admin to set commission rate for individual products at the affiliate levelAffiliates can receive referral commission when their referrals use the WooCommerce coupons which are linked to themOption for the site admin to award lifetime commission to the affiliates for the purchases made by their referralsSeparate table to capture the URLs that were accessed using an affiliate linkThe Conversion status of the affiliate links will be capturedSeparate table to capture the referral actions which got convertedOption for the site admin to approve the referrals automatically/approve the referrals after reviewReferral commissions can be restricted for specific products/categoriesOption for the site admin to stop awarding the commission to the affiliate if – The referred user has exceeded the number of orders specified – The referred user has exceeded the amount to be spent on the site – The referred user has exceeded the amount to be spent on one orderOption for the site admin to allow their users to select an affiliate during checkout, so that the affiliate commission for that purchase will be awarded to that affiliateOption for the site admin to allow their affiliates to view the order details of their referralsOption for the site admin to earn commissions for the purchases made using their own affiliate linksWhen a user uses multiple affiliate links to complete a referral action, site admin has the option to – Award commission for the first affiliate – Award commission for the most recent affiliateOption for the site admin to set a maximum commission amount which can be allowed for any referral actionSite admin can process referral payment for their affiliates using any one of the payment methods listed below – PayPal Payouts – Bank Transfer – Affiliate Wallet – Reward Points(Requires SUMO Reward Points)Option for the site admin to attach files in the emails sent to the affiliatesOption for the site admin to automatically generate and send payout statements as a PDF file in the payout emailsOption for the site admin and affiliate to be notified via pushover notification for referral actionsOption for the site admin to display a leaderboard of the affiliatesOption for the site admin and the affiliate to view detailed reports about affiliate promotion on the siteOption for the site admin to send periodic reports via email to their affiliatesOption for the site admin to export the following data as CSV – Affiliates – Visits – Referrals – PayoutsOption for the site admin to create promotional banners which can be used by affiliates for promoting the siteCompatible with SUMO Reward Points – Affiliate commissions can be awarded as Reward Points(Requires SUMO Reward Points Plugin)Compatible with SUMO Subscriptions Option for the site admin to award affiliate commission for – Only initial payments – Both initial and renewal paymentsCompatible with SUMO Payment Plans – Payment plan product’s affiliate commission will be awarded once the final payment for the product has been receivedCompatible with SUMO Pre-Orders Option for the site admin to award commission for – Pay Upfront products – Pay on Release productsHighly customizableExtensive list of shortcodesTranslation ready

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Version 9.7.0
October 18, 2023


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