The Events Calendar Virtual Events 1.11.0

Version: 1.11.0

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* Feature - Add an option to generate a Google Event with Meet from the event editor and display meeting details on the event. [VE-517] * Feature - Connect existing Google Event with Meet to your events using the new 'Smart' url field. [VE-514] * Fix - Ensure if Zoom password requires a special character that the generated password includes at least 1. [VE-524] * Tweak - Include the Zoom error message returned from the API when trying to create a meeting or webinar. [VE-524] * Tweak - Get password requirements and use those requirements per host when generating a meeting or webinar password. [VE-524] * Tweak - Added filters: `tec_events_virtual_meetings_api_settings_fields`, `tec_events_virtual_meetings_`, `tec_events_virtual_meetings_`, `tec_events_virtual_meetings_api_error_message`, `tec_events_virtual_meetings_google_{$this::$meeting_type}_data`, `tec_events_virtual_google_get_users_arguments`, `tec_events_virtual_google_calendar_calendar_id`, `tec_events_virtual_google_calendar_api_url_with_placeholder`, `tec_events_virtual_google_{$type}_link_allow_generation`, `tec_events_virtual_meetings_google_hosts`, `tec_events_virtual_google_meeting_link_creation_urls`, `tec_events_virtual_google_export_fields`, `tec_events_virtual_google_regex_event_hash_url`, `tec_events_virtual_meetings_google_meet_include_pin`, `tec_events_virtual_link_button_new_window`, `tec_events_virtual_google_link_new_window`, `tec_events_virtual_meetings_google_user_cache` * Tweak - Removed filters: `tec_events_virtual_meetings_webex_settings_fields`, `tribe_events_virtual_meetings_zoom_settings_fields` * Tweak - Added actions: `tribe_log`, `tribe_log`, `tribe_log`, `tribe_log`, `tribe_log`, `tribe_log`, `tribe_log`, `tribe_log`, `tribe_log`, `tribe_log` * Tweak - Changed views: `google/email/details/dial-in-content`, `google/email/details/dial-in-header`, `google/email/details/join-content`, `google/email/details/join-header`, `google/email/ticket-email-google-details`, `google/single/google-details`, `webex/single/webex-details`, `zoom/single/zoom-details`, `zoom/zoom-details` * Language - 39 new strings added, 63 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted


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Version 1.11.0
August 18, 2022


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