Thrive Architect

Version: 3.19

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Ultra-Flexible Column LayoutsAttention-Grabbing Text & Image CombinationsGet that Glossy Magazine Look With Total Font CustomizationFull-Width Layouts With a Wow FactorAdvanced, Attention Grabbing Hover EffectsStyle Every Detail, No Coding NeededInstantly preview your page on different screen sizesToggle the visibility of elements and entire content blocksTweak Every Detail With Mobile Responsive Editing

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Improvements Improved sticky elements handling on browser resize Fixes Image Gallery – RTL galleries did not display correct images in lightbox If an elemen has a decoration on at least one side, one of that sides should be selected when the Decoration component is opened Image Gallery – the first image is not loaded properly when the element is within a Thrive Lightbox Featured Post List – Post title did not fit properly when there’s a word that’s longer than the container Post List Carousel – when the number of slides to show is equal to the number of total slides, upon changing devices the carousel did not display the articles Fixed a fatal error triggered on some Woo pages Fixed an issue where page is redirected after failed form submit In some cases, having the original height on the image(and an equal width on the image) will make the srcset to load all squared sizes and the image will be squared on frontend

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Version 3.19
April 4, 2023


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