Traveler 3.0.2

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[Update]New 6 Demos [Update]Compatible with WordPress 6.0 [Update]Order Preview in Woocommerce > Order information [Update]Currency On TopBar Mobile [Update]Required WOOCS plugin for multi-currency in WooCommerce Checkout [Update]Theme Text [Fix]User Dashboard with Calculation and Add New Booking [Fix]Tour Package when not select Hotel Package [Fix]Notice in Single Service Page [Fix]WooCommerce Checkout with Cancelation [Fix]Search Room still shows Unavailable Room [Fix]WooCommerce Checkout [Fix]Traveler Invoice plugin with WooCommerce Checkout [Fix]Search Result Page with multi-word [Fix]WPAdmin Availability Calendar show information from the day of the past [Fix]TravelPayout Hotel Timezone [Fix]Z-Index DatePicker in UserDashboard Page [Fix]Booking Sidebar in Car Single Page [Fix Elementor]Remove Mansory in Destination element [Fix Elementor]List Item Service [Fix Classic]Razor Pay Plugin [Fix]Fatal Error when Bulk Upgrade/Install Plugin [Fix]Cancelation Fee to Partner Earnings on Woo Checkout [Fix]Language Dropdown on Topbar/Header [Fix]Car Search Page JS Filter with Mapbox [Fix][Elementor]Show search date in mobile for cartransfer [Fix][Elementor]GuestName in TourPage doesn’t show when Instant&Inquiry Booking [Fix][RTL]ST Search Form with Slider Tour and List of Service [Fix]Bokun Plugin


Product Information

Version 3.0.2
June 26, 2022


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