Ultimate Learning Pro

Version: 3.5

Product Details

Intuitive Course BuilderEasily create, edit and maintain online courses with our friendly user interface.Everything IncludedAll the Premium Addons are included in the price, you get everything from the start with no hidden costsControl EnrollmentWith Ultimate Learning Pro your users can register to automatically become Students and/or Instructors or you can manually add them. You can even add multiple Instructors.PayPal PaymentYour users can use PayPal’s direct payment method.Stripe PaymentYour users can use Stripe’s direct payment method.Membership PaymentYou can link a course to a Ultimate Membership Pro level.WooCommerce PaymentYour users can use the payment methods integrated in WooCommerce.EDD PaymentYou can link a course to an Easy Download Digital itemStudent Notes Special form generated by the plugin where your students can take notes during courses.Student Badges Set up badges to reward your students for completing certain conditions.Reward PointsReward your students with points when they answer questions, finish a quiz, lesson or course. Use points as a prerequisite condition for your courses.Wish ListLets your students save a course to their personal wish list for later use.Grade Book Students will be able to see their grades in a special form generated by the plugin.Course CertificatesCertificates can be added for courses, they are given to your students upon completion of the course.Course ReviewsHelp your sales grow by having honest reviews of your courses written by students.Course DifficultyDefine difficulty levels and assign them to your courses to help potential customers make the right choice.Course Estimation TimerSet up an estimation of how much time it will take to finish this course.Featured CourseHighlight a course in the public section to attract interest to it with just one button click.Course PriceDetermine if a course is free or paid and set up the price.Lesson PreviewMake a lesson available for everyone so they can get an idea of how the course is like.Lesson Drip ContentControl when a lesson becomes available for your students by scheduling content releases.Lesson DurationEstablish the minimum amount of time a user must spend on a lesson in order to avoid a user clicking next, next to pass through a lesson with ease.Quiz TimerSet a number of minutes after which the quiz will end.Randomize QuestionsDisplay the questions of a quiz in a random order every time.Randomize Multi-Choice AnswersDisplay the multi-choice answers in a random order every time.Determine Passing GradeEstablish the minimum grade a user must obtain in order to pass a quiz or course.Pushover NotificationsCreate notifications which will be received by your users on mobile via Pushover.Multiple InstructorsUltimate Learning Pro has the functionality to add multiple instructors to a course, this is available from the beginning for no extra cost.MyCred IntegrationMyCred is integrated in ULP, allowing your users to earn points for certain actions, you have full control over these.Invoices Allow your users access to their invoice(s).BuddyPress IntegrationBuddyPress is integrated in Ultimate Learning Pro, adding a new tab to your BuddyPress public profile.Custom CurrenciesULP allows the addition of new currencies alongside the predefined list based on custom symbols.Account Custom TabsYou can create and reorder the account page menu items.

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Version 3.5
July 18, 2023


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