Ultimate Member

Version: 2.8.0

Product Details

  • Front-end user profiles
  • Front-end user registration
  • Front-end user login
  • Custom form fields
  • Conditional logic for form fields
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • User account page
  • Custom user roles
  • Member directories
  • User emails
  • Content restriction
  • Conditional nav menus
  • Show author posts & comments on user profiles
  • Developer friendly with dozens of actions and filters

Installation Instructions

This plugin is free, however you require the nulled version in order for the addons to show as registered.


- Refactored: wp-admin assets. Separated or merged some file based on the wp-admin screens - Tweak: SASS pre-processor is used for wp-admin styles. - Tweak: Using minified JS and CSS in wp-admin and frontend assets - Tweak: Added PHP class UM()->admin()->screen() for screen control in wp-admin - Updated: jquery-ui styles to 1.13.2 version. Prefixed with .um class. - Updated: Cropper.JS to 1.6.1 version - Note: Select2.JS version 4.0.13 - Refreshed: Tipsy.JS to 1.0.0a version. Removed custom changes and restored library base code - Refreshed: Raty.JS to 2.6.0 version. Restored library base code - Refreshed: Pickadate.JS to 3.6.2 version. Restored library base code - Updated: Used `um-tip-{x}` classes to make Tipsy.JS initialization commonly for wp-admin and frontend. - Updated: wp-admin forms class and render icon type field - Updated: Using `custom_submitdiv` on the UM Form and UM Member Directory screen to avoid custom styling for unnecessary metabox functionality. Just to render the necessary metabox content with only submission tools. * Bugfixes: - Fixed: Using fields with numeric keys in Form Builder - Fixed: Pickadate.JS (datetime picker) localizations using - Fixed: PHP notices on the SiteHealth and Form Builder pages - Fixed: Using 'um_user_permissions_filter' hook and it's arguments.

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Product Information

Version 2.8.0
December 14, 2023


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