Ultimate Member

Version: 2.6.0

Product Details

Front-end user profilesFront-end user registrationFront-end user loginCustom form fieldsConditional logic for form fieldsDrag and drop form builderUser account pageCustom user rolesMember directoriesUser emailsContent restrictionConditional nav menusShow author posts & comments on user profilesDeveloper friendly with dozens of actions and filters

Installation Instructions

This plugin is free, however you require the nulled version in order for the addons to show as registered.


* Enhancements: - Added: Hook arguments ($form_id, $not_searched) to 'um_members_directory_head' - Added: Using user locale `get_user_locale()` for localization with the 1st priority - Added: Hooks to change the profile SEO image: 'um_profile_dynamic_meta_image_size', 'um_profile_dynamic_meta_image_type' - Added: Filter for making 3rd-party roles editable through Ultimate Member interfaces. Use 'um_extend_editable_roles' and pass there an array of role keys( e.g. 'editor', 'administrator', etc. ) * Bugfixes: - Fixed: Major issues with the Member Directory search line - Fixed: Social links (Twitch, TikTok, Reddit) colors in profile header - Fixed: Exclude registered date field from editable fields - Fixed: Create the custom table for usermeta if does not exists - Fixed: Locale loading time and hook for that - Fixed: Used `wp_unslash()` for input POST data on Change Password - Fixed: Role setting "Avoid indexing profile by search engines" - Fixed: Date Picker field value format for 3rd-party integration meta fields - Fixed: Last login timestamp being lost in the users cache - Fixed: Textdomain typos - Fixed: Small PHP warnings and notices * Deprecated: - Deprecated: VKontakte and Google+ predefined fields. VKontakte and Google+ fields validation changed to just URL validation. * Templates required update: - members.php

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Version 2.6.0
March 31, 2023


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