Uncanny Automator Pro 4.5

Product Details

  • Connect your existing WordPress plugins together easily and with no code.
  • Build recipes that personalize your site for users and cut admin time by automating routine tasks.
  • Add one or more “triggers” from over a dozen plugins and a thousand apps.
  • Pass info between plugins and perform “actions” automatically.

Installation Instructions

Use any key to activate.


New Integrations: Advanced Ads #1536 JetEngine #1310 JetFormBuilder #1537 SureCart #1416 New Triggers: Advanced Ads - An ad's status changes from a specific status to a specific status #1380 JetEngine - A user updates a specific JetEngine field on a specific post type to a specific value #1377 JetEngine - A user updates a specific JetEngine field on a specific post type #1378 JetFormBuilder - A form is submitted with a specific value in a specific field #1476 JetFormBuilder - A user submits a form with a specific value in a specific field #1477 MemberPress - A user's transaction for a membership is set to a status #1095 Paid Membership Pro - An admin assigns a membership level to a user #196 SureCart - A guest purchases a product #1416 WordPress - A specific meta key of a specific type of post updates to a specific value #1234 WordPress - A user is deleted #1494 New Actions: Affiliate WP - Create an affiliate #1369 New Conditions: Date and time #1440 The date is, is not, before, after a specific date #1461 The date is between a specific date and a specific date #1459 The date is, is not, is before, is after a specific day of month #1465 The date is, is not, is before, is after a specific month #1460 The day is, is not a specific day of the week #1457 The time is before, is after a specific time #1462 The time is between a specific time and a specific time #1458 Uncanny Automator - The user has, has not completed a recipe #1421 MemberPress - The user is not an active member of a membership #1432 WooCommerce - A user has not purchased a specific product #1430 New Tokens: WooCommerce - "A user reviews a product" - "Product SKU", "Product categories", and "Product tags" #1526 Added: Recipe UI - Ability to group multiple actions under a condition (requires Automator 4.5+) Automatic login link token - Added filter automator_pro_auto_login_link_disable_security_check to override security check #1513 TutorLMS - Mark a lesson complete for a user - Added "All lessons" option #43132 #1470 Updated: Fluent Support - "Create a ticket" - Use a custom value option added #1512 Fluent Support - Added options_callback to avoid init issues #1478 LearnDash - Reset the user's progress in a course - Delete course resume data if applicable #1506 Meta Box - "A user's Meta Box field is updated" - Token sentences updated #1466 WooCommerce - Create an order action - Use a custom value option added #1480 WordPress - Change the label from "Select a role" to "Role" #1502 Fixed: BuddyBoss - Send on-screen notification now runs reliably #1454 Delayed action no longer logs status "Completed" when it should be "Completed with errors" #1530 Gamipress - A user's total points reaches a specific threshold - Threshold calculation logic updated #1424 MemberPress - "Add the user to a membership" now works reliably with tokens in the fields #1472 MemberPress - A user's membership to a specific product expires - No longer triggers on recurring subscription renewal #1523 WooCommerce - "A guest completes, pays for, lands on a thank you page for an order with a product variation" - PHP Error when paid thru PayPal IPN confirmation #1521 bbPress & BuddyBoss - "Post a reply to a topic in a forum" sentence options fixed #1527 Under the hood: API log - Dropping views no longer prevents log filters from showing up #1510 Action conditions - Fixed unnecessary calls #1516 Recipe logs - Queries merged to reduce number of DB calls #1518


Product Information

Version 4.5
September 23, 2022


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