Uncanny Automator Pro

Version: 5.5

Product Details

  • Connect your existing WordPress plugins together easily and with no code.
  • Build recipes that personalize your site for users and cut admin time by automating routine tasks.
  • Add one or more “triggers” from over a dozen plugins and a thousand apps.
  • Pass info between plugins and perform “actions” automatically.

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


New Trigger: Easy Digital Downloads - A file is downloaded #2486 New Actions: BuddyBoss - Unsubscribe the user from a forum #2514 BuddyPress - Unsubscribe the user from a forum #2515 Easy Digital Downloads - Delete a customer by ID #2065 LearnDash - Extend the user's access to a course by a number of days #2529 Woo Subscriptions - Extend the user’s next subscription renewal date to a specific product by a number of days #2528 Woo - Add a note to an order #2561 New Trigger Tokens: Woo - Order item(s) total #2550 Woo - User's total spend & User's total spend (unformatted) #2549 WordPress - Post content (formatted) #2605 New Action Tokens: WordPress - Add an image to the media library - Media Library ID and Media Library image URL #2599 Added: LearnDash - Reset the user's progress in a course - "Reset Simple Course Timer data" checkbox when Uncanny Toolkit Pro is active #2576 Woo - Generate and email a coupon code - Added generated coupon property for Recipe logs #2546 Updated: Easy Digital Downloads - "Product" text changed to "Download" for consistency #2608 OpenAI - Use a prompt to generate text with the Davinci model - Action deprecated, existing recipes switched to davinci-002 model #2589 Paid Membership Pro - Filters missing hidden levels #2586 WordPress - "Post content" token renamed to "Post content (raw)" #2606 Fixed: Amelia - A user's booking of an appointment for a service has been changed to a specific status - Set the context of the trigger to the current user #2554 Background actions - Condition group incorrectly show as skipped in the Recipe logs #2588 BuddyBoss - Set the user's Xprofile data - Handle multiple options #2574 JetFormsBuilder - Tokens are now being rendered inside the User Loop #2587 Loop filters - A post is a specific type of post - Now only displays public post types #2583 Paid Membership Pro - An admin assigns a membership level to a user - Set member as the current user for recipe logs #2566 WordPress - A user updates a post - No longer fires on publish and on trash events #2543 WordPress - A user updates a post in a specific status - Validation to check if array key exists #2564

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Product Information

Version 5.5
January 27, 2024


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