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Version: 5.4

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LearnDash Groups are a fantastic way to organize students into logical units for reporting and course access. With them, organizations can see data for their students or employees only, allowing effective privacy controls, and group members see only the courses allocated to their school or organizations.

With Uncanny Groups for LearnDash, we build on the basic capabilities of LearnDash groups and extend them with the following features:

Front end group reporting, including essay and assignment management

Full user management for groups, so Group Leaders can add, edit and remove users

Individual and group sales for ecommerce (sell licenses to organizations and schools for self-management!)

Progress overrides

Optional email capabilities from Group Leaders to students


With Uncanny Groups for LearnDash, users can configure, buy, manage and report on their groups using a powerful front-end interface–freeing you to focus on growing your business. Paired with WooCommerce, you can easily sell groups with a pre-configured list of courses or you can let buyers choose the courses they want in their groups. All customers need to do is choose the number of seats for the group, name the group, and on purchase completion they get full access to front end group management so Group Leaders can add and oversee their students.

There’s even support for subscription-based groups (this requires WooCommerce Subscriptions), LearnDash group hierarchies (for managing complex organizations) and even pooling group seats/licenses across hierarchies. Or take things to the next level with Uncanny Automator, where our free version allows creating groups with other ecommerce and membership plugins, and adding/removing seats can be done based on form submission, event attendance or anything else you can think of.

Uncanny LearnDash Groups gives group leaders exactly what they need to manage and report on their users – without having to access the confusing wp-admin interface.

Installation Instructions

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New Features: Groups & WooCommerce License - Remove seats when a related order in WooCommerce is refunded #857 #852 Edit Group & Create a group Wizards - Add "Parent group" option when LearnDash Group Hierarchy is enabled #859 Updated: Groups Edit Page - Added support to Upgrade/Downgrade any LearnDash group #838 Group Management - Email users - Allow Group Leaders to also email users in child groups #827 Manage Progress - Allow easy reset of quiz attempts #789 Fixed: Course and Quiz reports - Shortcode attribute for CSV/Excel download buttons not working as expected #868 Group Management - Check if user ID is numeric #867 Fix PHP Error in PHP 8.0 and WARNING in < 8.0 when Group Management and TinCanny shortcodes are on the page #855 Group Management Block - Page not rendering when block is embedded into another block (ex WP Column) #847 WooCommerce - Groups product type & LearnDash WooCommerce Integration conflict #846 Group Management - Seat count not correct when group has 1 user #844 Group Management - Email #Course variable returning all courses when group has none #840 Group Management - Group created in non-default language and viewed in that language - Added user permissions #819 My Account / Subscriptions page - Do not show the list of courses if turned off by ulgm_woocommerce_hide_course_title_in_product or ulgm_woocommerce_hide_course_title_in_subscription filters #874 Internal: Removing old transients are now done via cron to improve performance #832 Improved PHP 8.2 compatibility #865

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Version 5.4
November 1, 2023


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