Uni CPO (Premium) 4.9.17

Product Details

  • Non Option Variables (NOV) - create additional variables which are calculated by their own maths formulas
  • Special variables - capture number of checkboxes checked and number of days between two dates and use them in formula price calculation!
  • Min and max product price - a possibility to set minimal and maximum product price with displaying a custom message when the calculated price is more than the max price
  • Prefix and postfix for price tag; a possibility to define a custom price tag template for archives
  • "Matrix" functionality - a possibility to use a table of prices; create or import existing matrix; matrices can be used as a part of NOV as well as standalone option!
  • Wholesale Functionality - values of the Non Option Variables can be different; they depend on a user role
  • Import/export functionality - a possibility to export product configuration and transfer it to another site
  • Image conditional logic - change main product image upon selection in custom options
  • "Colorify" feature - change a colour of image parts dynamically with the help of extra options
  • Validation conditional logic - change validation rules for options based on the values of other custom options
  • Dynamic weight and dimensions calculations; automatic dimensions unit conversion

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* Fixed: issue with ramda.js dependency


Product Information

Version 4.9.17
June 1, 2022


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