URL Shortener Pro

Version: 1.0.16

Product Details

Create Short URLs in a JiffyView All Short URLsCustomize Short URL SlugDefine Target URL40% Faster Than Other ShortenersChoose a Redirection Method301, 302, and 307 Header Redirect OptionsRedirect With JavaScriptRedirect With Meta Refresh TagRedirect With Invisible iFrameCloak Shortened URLsCustomization OptionsHide Affiliate LinksExtremely Easy-To-Use InterfaceOrganize Links into CategoriesReplace Text With Short LinksLink Keywords to ShortlinksOpen Links in a New WindowDefine “Title” for Short LinksCustomize Anchor TextForward ParametersChoose Default Redirection MethodPreview LinksAdd “Nofollow” Tag to Short LinksAdd “Noreferrer” Tag to LinksShow Different URL on HoverAdd Links Using ShortcodesSet Up Redirection DelayBulk Replace Links in Old ContentImport from Pretty Links PluginEasy-To-Understand Stats With GraphsExport Short URLs EasilyIncluded Hooks for Advanced Users

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


- Fixed permission issue when trying to export links Files updated: - mts-url-shortener-pro.php - includes/class-url-shortener.php - admin/class-url-shortener-admin.php

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Product Information

Version 1.0.16
August 2, 2023


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