User Registration (Pro)


Product Details

  • Form fields to help you create any kind of registration form.    * Custom form fields along with default WordPress fields    * Multi-columns layout available    * Easily customizable with form options
  • Drag and drop form builder    * 4 pre-designed form templates besides default    * User-friendly interface    * Easy to understand form settings
  • Create custom email templates
  • Customizable email notifications:    * waiting Admin Approval    * Email Confirmation    * Registration Approved Email    * Registration Denied Email    * Reset Password Email, and more
  • Assign user roles on registration
  • Facilitates WordPress user management
  • Prevent dashboard access to specific user roles
  • Enable strong passwords
  • In-built login form
  • Login options after registration:    * Manual Login after Registration    * Email Confirmation to Login    * Auto Login after Registration    * Admin Approval after Registration
  • Redirect to any page or URL after registration form submission
  • Hide/show password feature on entering password
  • Captcha for spam protection    * reCaptcha v2    * reCaptcha v2 Invisible    * reCaptcha v3    * hCaptcha
  • Honeypot spam protection
  • Allow only whitelisted email domains to register
  • Check user registration statistics in the plugin dashboard
  • Prevent core login
  • Translation ready
  • Register users through invite codes    * Import/export invite codes across multiple sites    * Set User Limit, Expiration Date, and User Role
  • Editable front-end messages
  • GDPR compliant forms
  • Auto-generate password
  • Allow users to delete their account
  • Live form designing with Style Customizer addon
  • My Account page    * Front-end user profile pages for every logged-in user    * Customizable account tabs
  • Import/export forms and users
  • Social registration and login
  • Break lengthy forms into multi-part forms
  • Set custom content restriction rules
  • Upload file field for documents, images, and more    * Single or multiple file upload option    * Delete or replace file uploads    * Set valid file types    * Set maximum file size
  • Email marketing with MailChimp and MailerLite
  • Export form data as a PDF
  • Collect geolocation information of users
  • Accept payments with Stripe and PayPal
  • Connect users from other forms to user registration forms
  • List all users in the front-end
  • Conditional logic for interactive forms
  • LearnDash integration
  • WooCommerce integration

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* Tweak - Introduce new hook to modify token expiration duration. * Fix - Unable to submit form due to TypeError. * Fix - Divide by zero error on number validation. * Fix - Undefined property $field_name on function-payments. * Fix - Required Field error message for conditionally hidden fields.

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May 2, 2024


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