WooCommerce Bookings 1.15.68

Version: 1.15.68

Product Details

  • Create booking slots
  • Intuitive booking management
  • Multi-person bookings
  • Manually create bookings
  • Customer email notifications
  • Custom-tailored booking costs
  • Booking confirmation controls
  • Control booking availability
  • “Resources” per bookable product for added flexibility. Resources can also be created globally to apply to multiple bookable products.
  • Define global availability rules for all bookable products.
  • Allow bookings to extend overnight or into the next day.
  • Create buffer periods between bookings that last for minutes, hours or days.
  • Integration with the Product Add-Ons extension allows you to add extras for each booking.
  • Send custom email notifications to people who book a product.
  • View bookings in list or calendar format.

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


2022-11-24 - version 1.15.68 * Fix - All time ranges should be checked before marking any block unbookable. * Fix - Ensure maximum number of person type not allowed to exceed Max Persons setting. * Fix - Hide products from the `/slot` endpoint if their catalog visibility is set to `hidden`. * Fix - Make calendar popup and booking details popup WP 6.1 compatible. * Fix - Show booking details on the booking details admin page if it does not have an order.


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Product Information

Version 1.15.68
November 24, 2022


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