WooCommerce Coupon Box

Version: 2.1.1

Product Details

Pop-up trigger: You can select to display the coupon box pop-up after a selected time after customers scroll their mouse when customers are about to leave your site (hover mouse on close button)Minimize the bar: If customers skip the pop-up, you can select to hide the pop-up or minimize it into top bar or button of your page.Subscribe Reminder time: Schedule a time for the pop-up to reappear. You can set different times for case that customer subscribed to their emails and the case that customers skip the pop-up.Display only on Homepage: the option that allows you to display the pop-up only on the homepage of your site.Conditional tags: Configure which page where the coupon box will appear using WordPress conditional tags.Generate unique coupon:  Whenever a visitor subscribes an email, the plugin will generate a unique coupon and send it to his/her email address. You can set up the coupon type, amount, prefix and all other settings like a WooCommerce coupon.Existing coupons: With this option, you will choose an existing coupon to send to subscribers. You can choose to allows only subscribed emails to use the coupon.Custom: Sending a custom code to subscribers.Do not use coupon: With this option, visitors will not receive coupons when they subscribe emails.Email content: Write the emails that will be sent to subscribers with email heading, subject, content.Shortcode: The plugin provides you shortcodes to display necessary information in the email{coupon_value} – The value of the coupon, can be percentage or currency amount depending on coupon type{coupon_code} – The code of coupon that will be sent to your subscribers{date_expires} – From the date that given coupon will no longer be available{last_valid_date} – That last day that coupon is valid{site_title} – The title of your website{shop_now} – The Shop Now buttonShop now button: the button that helps the customer to use the coupon you’ve just sent to them. You can set up the title, the URL, and design of the button.Export emails: export your subscribed emails as an excel file. You can select to export from a selected subscribe time or export from a selected campaign.List subscribed emails: you can check subscribed emails in the plugin backend any time with information about the email address, subscribe time, campaign, given coupon, MailChimp list/active campaign list.Email Campaign: Create/delete email campaigns to save subscribe emails.Templates: 4 templates with 4 different element arrangement ways.Message: Display welcome, congratulation, thankyou-message.GDPR Checkbox: Display a checkbox allows customers to agree with your site policy, terms of use.Close button styles: 6 different icon style for the close button, size, position.Header style: Configure the header style with title and background. You can use images as your background.Body style: Configure the Coupon Box body style with text font, background image.Social Network icons: Display your social network on the Coupon Box pop-up.Subscribe Button: Design your subscribe button with text, text color, and background color.Custom CSS: The plugin allows you to add your own Custom CSS code to change the front-end as you want.

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Version 2.1.1
October 24, 2023


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