Woocommerce Coupon Referral Program

Version: 1.6.8

Product Details

Builds a Strong Customer Base: The referral coupons offer lucrative deals to attract more and more customers.Improves Interaction & Engagement Rate: Using coupons and referral marketing together elevates the engagement and interaction rate between your business and customers.Strong Customer Loyalty: This WordPress referral plugin helps you create loyal customers as the referral coupon offers to keep your customers close and connected.Enhances Brand Awareness: The referral marketing approach with coupons helps you to increase your brand awareness among the potential audience.Improves Customer Lifetime Value: The coupon deals keep your customers satisfied and promote their shopping interests. Thus, it helps in improving your customer lifetime value score.Leverages Referral Marketing:  It provides the option to share the referral link on Facebook, Twitter, and email. This plugin promotes referral marketing tactics by collaborating with coupon marketing.You Get Full Control: The admin gets control over how many WooCommerce referrals the coupon for the referee will be valid.

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


2022-04-13 - version 1.6.8 * New: Allow coupon configuration setting applicable for the referral code * New: Allow the customer to send the referral email to multiple users. * New: Discount on the nth referral sign-up * New: Add shortcodes for emails * New: Referral code regeneration * New: Compatible with the latest WP (6.2.0) and WC(7.5.1)

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Version 1.6.8
April 14, 2023


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