WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management

Version: 3.3.5

Product Details

Manage Products stock across multiple locations, Warehouses, or Stores.Visitors can find and choose a Location near them on Product Pages or Globally on the website.Option to Automatically choose nearest product location based on users address. (Requires Google Map API key )Displays product Quantity or Availability based on the location.Supports Muliti Locations for Simple as well as Variable product typeOption to add Location-wise PriceWooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Ajax add to cart with Selected Location. Ajax add to cart allows users to include location info of simple products or variable products in the cart without page reload. It also works on shop pages to speed up the buying process.WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Rules based Order Fulfillment Flow.Fulfillment from Most / Lowest inventory in stockFulfillment from Closest location to shipping addressFulfillment as per Location PriorityWooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Product Central. Easy way to Bulk edit and Manage Products from all locations on one screen.WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Store Locator on Google Maps, Allows your users to find stores nearby or close to their location using map. Filter Stores on map by products or radius.WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Backend only mode. Allows admins to assign fulfillment locations to order from backend, customer won’t have to choose locations while ordering.WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Set Locations as Local Pickup Locations for the customer to display or choose a pickup location at checkout.Location Shop Page. Separate page which lists product available at particular Location.Lists only Selected Locations products. WooCommerce shop page shows only filtered products from globally selected Locations. Hide Locations from our website’s frontend pages using this optionSubLocation for more granular level inventory control. Sublocations can be rack, bin number, shelf number, sub-area of a warehouse, floor, building etc.WooCommerce Shipping Pro for UPS - 7 Location Groups to club your various locations into one group. It can represent City, Region, District, State or Country etc. It’s very useful to aggregate inventory availability across multiple locations.Option to assign Shop Managers to locationsNotify Location Managers or Employees. Admin Order notification emails are also sent to the Locations email ID and WooCommerce locations Managers.Assign Specific Payment Methods to locationsAutomatically detect user’s geolocation from browser and allocate Woocommerce Location based on geolocation.When visitors revisit the website, the site will show the same location visitor had chosen on their previous visit.Adds each location’s Inventory to your default Woocommerce inventoryPlugin Increase Conversion by Suggesting another nearest location availability of product when its out of stock at selected locationVisitors can see selected warehouse / location on checkout and cart page.Restrict customer to specific locations from WordPress BackendREST API to get and update product stock for locationsShow Distance to Selected WooCommerce Location in Kilometer or MilesAdd Unlimited Warehouse or Stock Locations for WooCommerce easily without any extra cost

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


[Add] "enable all / disable all" feature in column settings of Product central [Fix] Limit one location per order issue for a variable product.

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Version 3.3.5
October 19, 2023


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