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2022-07-25 - version * Sensei LMS: Version bump to 4.6.0 https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Automattic/sensei/version/4.6.0/changelog.txt * Sensei Pro: Version bump to 1.5.0 * "Logged out users", "Completed lesson" and "Not completed lesson" options. * Add block visibility labels to list view * Add block visibility option descriptions. * Add block visibility sidebar options. * Add extra description text when lesson post type to enrolment options. * Add group filter to students report * Add support for groups select paging. * Add support for relative scheduling for block visibility option. * Add visibility borders to blocks when hidden. * Comment: Add a pre-publish notice about hidden content * Hide blocks on the frontend for groups visibility type. * Hide content based on blocks' scheduled visibility settings. * Implement block visiblity schedule option. * Implement content hiding on the frontend for Block Visibility. * Implement groups visibility type. * Split block visibility options for more granular control.


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August 3, 2022


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