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Version: 3.71.0

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Auto post content from FeedsFetch full content from summary feedsExtract specific parts of original feeds postsSearch and replaceOriginal time postsExtract CategoriesExtract original tagsExtract original authorSkip posts with no contentSkip non-English postsSkip posts without imagesPost oldest items firstDecode html entitiesConvert encoding before postingDuplicate title skipFeatured image from Facebook og:image tag

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NEW: Youtube post from playlist can now accept playlist URL instead of ID Fix: Twitter module back to work using the latest API v2 Fix: Clickbank module updated to cope with changes from Clickbank side Fix: Price update feature now works for amazon.fr Fix: Careerjet full job description extraction now back to work NEW: Tutorial added to tutorials section on how to post to bbPress forums Improved: Youtube campaign UI improved by seprating options to post from playlist and channel Improved: FB now can change page type (Legacy/new page experience) without need to create a new campaign Improved: Run now button now display errors if any caused the process to fail Improved: Auto remove quotes from generated OpenAI titles Improved: OpenAI prompt processing in post template now get cached in case of timeout errors, not repeat the same call Fix: Facebook campaigns now download images to the server as FB now expire images links Fix: Amazon set product description as excerpt now works for normal post type

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Version 3.71.0
May 31, 2023


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