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WordPress Real Physical Media 1.5.13

Product Details

Reflect the folder structure of your Real Media Library (media library folders) in your file system. Organize media in physical folders and benefit from SEO optimization.

Features You want a list of all features? Get it by scrolling down! Add-on for popular WordPress plugins Real Physical Media is an add-on for Real Media Library and Media File Renamer (free or PRO). You need to install both plugins to use Real Physical Media. Real Media Library: Real Media Library helps you with media management. Organize thousands of uploaded files into folders, collections and galleries. A real file manager that allows you to manage large amounts of files in WordPress. Media File Renamer: Media File Renamer physically rename media files to get more descriptive file names based on the media title. This helps search engines index your images better and direct more traffic to your website via image search. Customer Opinions Over 15,000 people</strong> have already purchased WordPress plugins from Top rated WordPress plugin: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars rated plugin. What customer says: Works great and reliable together with the Real Media Library [...]. If you want to really organize your files on your file system, this is a must-have plugin.” written by dlutt; “Unique in its value and Matthias gives great support and continues to update and improve this product. This kind of thing should honestly be standard in WordPress!” written by thedonquixotic Free Test Drive You want to try Real Physical Media before buying? Take a free test drive and play around! A test drive is a WordPress installation with the pre-installed plugin just for you. You can do what every you want on this installation. Get your free test drive (demo) Support Do you have questions before you buy? Or are you already a user of the Real Physical Media and need support? Then simply read our Knowledge Base, open a support ticket or write to us in the live chat. We are happy to help you! Contact support Compatibility Real Physical Media is compatible with next to any WordPress plugin and theme. In addition, we have created an explicit compatibility with all plugins compatible with Real Media Library. You can use Real Physical Media with any WordPress plugin which have an advanced integration for the best usability. All Features of Real Physical Media
  • Physically restructures all uploads in your WordPress media library using the folder structure created with Real Media Library.
  • Moves new uploads directly to the correct physical folder (instantly done; no need to queue).
  • Removes special characters from file and folder names for best international compatibility.
  • SEO-optimized descriptive path names with meaningful folder names and file names that are renamed by their title.
  • SEO URL redirections protect you from errors: If your or another website refers to a file whose URL changes when the file is moved, the user’s browser is automatically redirected with a 301 and 302 redirect for best SEO results.
  • Works with all files in your media library such as images, videos, audio, text or PDFs.
  • You are independent from this plugin. Your files will remain in the physical folders, even if you delete this plugin at some point.
  • You can physically arrange all folders already created with Real Media Library before installing this plugin. This will give you better visibility of all images on your website in search engines – not just newly uploaded ones.
  • Set up an additional upload suffix to be added to your upload folder, e.g. wp-content/uploads/storage/
  • Allows extra long media URL paths and file names with even more than 255 charters (default limit in WordPress).
  • Built-in high performance file structure rewrite queuing system that protects your system from crashes or timeouts (works for large websites with thousands of media uploads).
  • Enabled automatic queuing tracks every file movement (move, reorder, mass move, folder renaming) and automatically queues them for maximum efficiency.
  • Optionally, set up a cron job that processes the queue in the background without blocking you while editing the website.
  • Import categories/folders from third-party media library folder plugins such as FileBird, WP Media Folder, Advanced Media Library, Media Library Wizard and automatically rewrite the created structure to your file system (import via Real Media Library).
  • Supports WordPress Multisite (each page has its own folder tree).
  • GPDR/DSGVO: The plugin does not collect personal data without your consent!
Why you should rewrite the folder structure of your media library for SEO purposes?

What search engines know about your files

How a good folder structure looks like

Real Physical Media does exactly that for you. It automatically reflects the folder structure which you have already created with Real Media Library in a meaningful path name and increases the ranking of your images (and in the end your complete website) in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu or Questions from happy customers Real Physical Media is a WordPress plugin for professional website developers. It comes with advanced features that may not be easy to understand. That is why your customers have asked us the following questions over time. - Question: When I move images in my folders, are they still referenced correctly on my WordPress site? Answer: Yes, don't worry about references. We automatically replace all references on your website. And in case we can't find all references or another website referring to your image or another file, we will create a redirect for all moved files to make sure no URL is broken. The user's browser is automatically redirected with a 301 HTTP header (best SEO practice). - Question: Does the plugin change the image URLs? Answer: Yes, it physically moves the files in your file system. This changes the image URL and your images get a better visibility in search engines like Google. - Question: Will the plugin work if I have already created a folder structure with Real Media Library (or any other Media Library folder plugin) before installing Real Physical Media? Answer: Yes, you can physically move all files in the media library structure after installation. It reflects the existing virtual folder structure created with Real Media Library. If you have used another plug-in than Real Media Library for media library folders, you can use the Real Media Library import feature to preserve your existing folder structure in Real Media Library. From there, physically reflecting files is as easy as clicking a button. - Question: Why dose Real Physical Media use a queuing system? Answer: Renaming files and references in the database is a stressful job for your server. Especially if you want to do this job for thousands of files. A queue-based system guarantees that your system will not overheat and is protected against timeouts. - Question: Do I need to install the Media File Renamer and why? Answer: Yes, you must install Media File Renamer. It's the standard solution for SEO-optimized file names in the WordPress ecosystem, and it does an excellent job. We don't believe the wheel should be reinvented over and over again. That's why we built Real Physical Media on top of Media File Renamer and Real Media Library (free version available for both plugins) to focus on new features that will give your images a higher ranking in search engines. - Question: I have installed a plugin for multilingual support like Polylang or WPML. Does Real Physical Media work with multilingual websites? Answer: Yes, but Real Physical Media optimizes file paths only for the primary language of your WordPress site. Whether file names are optimized for multiple languages depends on the settings of your multilingual plugin. Requirements
  • PHP Version: 7.0 or newer
  • WordPress Version: 5.0 or newer
  • WordPress plugins installed: Real Media Library (free or PRO), Media File Renamer (free or PRO)

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


Note: This package (@devowl-wp/real-physical-media) has been updated because a dependency, which is also shipped with this package, has changed.


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Product Information

Version 1.5.13
September 22, 2022


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