WP Cerber Security Pro 9.0

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* New: Different [alerts](https://wpcerber.com/wordpress-notifications-made-easy/) can be sent through different channels. You can select delivering notifications through Pushbullet and email simultaneously, Pushbullet only, or email only. The settings are configured on a per-alert basis in the alert creation form. * New: Implemented a new "Message format" feature and setting. You can reduce the number of links in WP Cerber’s messages or disable them completely to prevent sending sensitive data. * New: Implemented separate rate limiting settings for email and [Pushbullet notifications](https://wpcerber.com/wordpress-mobile-and-browser-notifications-pushbullet/). * New: Lockout notifications and appropriate threshold can be enabled for Pushbullet and emails separately. * New: Email reports and alerts can be sent via a separate SMTP server configured in the WP Cerber settings. * New: Implemented masking IP addresses and usernames (logins) in emails and mobile alerts. * New: Disabling login language switcher. If enabled, removes language switcher on the standard WordPress login page introduced in WordPress 5.9. * Improved: If WP Cerber is unable to load its saved settings from the website database, it uses hard-coded default values. * Improved: If you have configured the [list of prohibited usernames](https://wpcerber.com/using-list-of-prohibited-logins-to-catch-stupid-bots/) (logins) and the username of an existing user is among prohibited ones, the user is now shown as BLOCKED on the "Users" admin page, user edit page, Activity tab, and Live Traffic tab. * Improved: When multiple email addresses are specified for notifications, each email will be sent separately. No multiply recipients in a single email are used anymore. * Improved: The subjects of alerts now contain corresponding event labels. * Improved: The subject of WP Cerber’s emails have been unified. It begins with website name in square brackets plus the "WP Cerber" string. * Improved: All test alerts and messages manually sent from the WP Cerber admin dashboard now contain *** TEST MESSAGE *** in the subject. * Improved: Displaying detailed information about PHP generated by phpinfo(). A new link is on the Diagnostic tab in the System Info section. * Fixed: An issue with multiple "IP blocked" in the log if the reason for a lockout is changing. * Fixed: An issue with "Site title" containing apostrophes.


Product Information

Version 9.0
May 11, 2022


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