WP Optimize Premium

Version: 3.3.2

Product Details

  • Clean the database
  • Compress images
  • Cache your pages and speed up your site dramatically.
  • Retain data during clean-ups
  • Advanced optimization options

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


* FIX: Ensure the admin bar is not cached when caching is enabled for both logged-in and guest users * REFACTOR: Remove unused code * TWEAK: Cache - Prevent sitemaps being cached * TWEAK: Display a notice when static browser cache is enabled but not working * TWEAK: Premium - Added "Lost your password?" link on plugin's page * TWEAK: Premium - Unused images - Detect Elementor's 'Video' widget's image * TWEAK: Recognise Rank Math plugin tables as used in database optimization * TWEAK: Reduce .htaccess file write operations when WebP is enabled * TWEAK: Seasonal notice content update for 2024 * TWEAK: Unused Images - Unused tab displays multiple images for compressed images with WebP Conversion * TWEAK: Prevent multiple AJAX requests being generated by repeated clicks on the "Purge Cache" button * TWEAK: Call the `litespeed_finish_request()` function when attempting to close browser connection on LiteSpeed servers

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Product Information

Version 3.3.2
April 17, 2024


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