WPC Advanced Password Protect for WooCommerce (Premium)

Version: 1.0.4

Product Details

WPC Advanced Password Protect provides ultimate protections for your online stores with sophisticated accessibility rules to restrict visitors from accessing the shop or certain product categories, tags, brands, collections, types, attributes, etc. It’s the best solution for on-site security and membership management in online businesses.

The basic feature of WooCommerce for password protected products is merely insufficient for large stores with a massive number of products. Remarkably, WPC Advanced Password Protect offers password protection for products in bulk with more highly improved features for configuring the password authentication and password forms. The Premium version excels in that it provides the protection by user role and by user as well. Combining with date-time conditions and other password expiry settings, store managers can easily set up access for multiple products or product listings, multiple users with different roles or even multiple passwords for the same source of subjects.

Furthermore, there are features for preventing illegal attempts of probing the password and keeping any potentially harmful scammers out of your site. Password authentication will expire after the designated time to make sure no unauthorized users can sneak in the site.

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Product Information

Version 1.0.4
May 7, 2024


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