YITH WooCommerce Subscription 2.4.2

Version: 2.4.2

Due to issues beyond our control updates for Yith Plugins are NOT currently available.

Product Details

  • Pay subscription with PayPal or Stripe (using YITH WooCommerce Stripe)
  • Create a subscription plan also for physical and variable products
  • Users can pause subscriptions (for a certain number of times decided by administrators) and resume them postponing their expiration date
  • Recap subscription information on a page with:
    • Start date
    • Expiration date
    • Details of the subscribed product
    • Billing and shipping information
    • Orders linked to the subscription
  • Offer a trial period to users before subscribing to a plan
  • Ask for a sign-up fee when purchasing a subscription plan
  • Let users access contents even after the expiring date while you wait for their payment
  • Suspend access to content on the expiry date, without deleting the subscription
  • Users can find subscription information on 'My Account' page
  • Reactivate an expired subscription plan from 'My Account' page
  • Automatic dispatch of an email on the following conditions:
    • Subscription plan is expiring
    • Payment has been made
    • Subscription plan has been canceled
    • Subscription plan has been paused
    • Subscription plan has been resumed
  • 2 more coupons in addition to WooCommerce ones:
    • coupon for the sign-up fee
    • coupon for the monthly fee
  • Upgrade or downgrade a subscription plan (configurable in variable products)
  • Customize the 'Add to Cart' label of the button
  • Show users the total duration of a subscription
  • Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Stripe
  • Cancel subscription automatically if the associated order is canceled
  • Suspend subscription automatically in case periodical payment fails
  • After three attempts failed using Stripe or PayPal, the subscription is automatically set to 'Cancelled'
  • Postpone automatic status switch (for 'active', 'overdue' and 'suspended' status) of a specific number of hours
  • Make users pay shipping fees only once in the subscription period with one-time shipping
  • Edit and load Billing and shipping address in the subscription details
  • Let users edit the address for only one or for all subscriptions right from My Account page
  • Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation: handle personal data requests and anonymisation process and choose how long retaining data for accounting if necessary

Installation Instructions

Sorry, no installation instructions are available at this time.


New: support for WooCommerce 6.2 Update: YITH plugin framework Fix: fix for WooCommerce Payments integration Fix: issue fix issue with YITH Multi Currency Switcher for WooCommerce and synchronization settings Dev: added filter 'ywsbs_validate_site_url' to avoid the validation of site url

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Product Information

Version 2.4.2
October 18, 2023


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